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What Makes You Truly Unique?

Lots of people think they are being their unique self by acting out being different and feeling proud of that difference.

Some examples I can think of:

  • A guy I knew in Woodstock who used to dress like Michael Jackson and moon walk around town.
  • Or there was a fad in high schools where guys would strut around with their jeans halfway down their butt with about 6 inches of their boxers showing. Is that still going on?

Some people say: I'm a loner... I'm a metal-head... I'm an A-student...

It's okay to do any of these things when they feel natural and fun. And even to be proud of them. But these things are not who you are.

The people in these examples think they are proudly being their unique self; but they are actually just acting out something they learned from someone else, or from some situation, that made them feel cool.

These are all old thoughts being recycled. Nothing is actually new and unique.

And furthermore, it's not their true identity. Love is their true identity. But sadly, they don't know that.

When we find how to feel Love in the core of our being, Love inspires us to express and create... and THIS is truly new and unique.

When you allow it by finding the glow of Love within you, Love writes a special and unique note of joyful creativity into your heart.

Love entrusts you with a gift that only you can bring to the world.

This is so much more important and valuable than anything you can learn.

Learning is awesome. It helps you do so much more! But everything you learn should help you bring your unique Love-inspired creativity to the world.

Don't let learning smother and replace the unique voice of Love within you.

Love wants to heal this world and make it beautiful. And Love needs your help to do this.

Your identity as Love Itself, and your voice of Love-inspired, joyful creativity and playfulness within you, is what the world needs more than anything, to help us all come back into harmony.