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Heart Connection

How to Uncover Our Inner Light

Uncovering our inner light is a skill that we can learn and get better at.
Here's a set of 5 short videos that will guide you through some simple exercises to show you how:

Heart-Alignment Exercises, Day 1:

Release Bracing & Gently Notice

There are two worlds available to us: the one we grow up knowing, which is rife with stress, force & conflict of many different varieties, and the one that opens up for us when we discover how to connect with Love energy in our heart center.

Heart-Alignment Exercises, Day 2:

Distinguishing Self from the Story of Self

How we see self impacts how we experience our world. Our subconscious premise for reality lives inside our perception of self. Part of our journey to connect with Divine Love within our core, is to disentangle our sense of self from the soap opera of life that we see going on in our mind.

Heart-Alignment Exercises, Day 3:

The Difference Between Feeling & Feeling

In order to connect with Divine Love energy within our core, we have to transition from using our feeling sense to experience emotion (energetic patterns of response to our own thoughts) to using our feeling sense to experience energy, which is what the feeling sense is actually designed for.

Heart-Alignment Exercises, Day 4:

Climbing into the Heart Center

Today we are seeking to enter the alter of Divine Love within us with our gentle feeling curiosity.

Heart-Alignment Exercises, Day 5:

One Trick to Jump Start Our Inner Heart Connection

Subtle subconscious issues like unworthiness or feeling like we are alone to fend for our survival on planet Earth, keep the heart chakra sealed shut. This video explores how gratitude can help and why it works.