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Becoming a Powerful Creator

You've heard the expression: "You are what you eat," right?

Well, in similar fashion, you create what you are... or what you think you are.

The truest truth is and always will be that your true nature is Love. But when you think, feel, and believe you are "moldy" (something less than Love itself), you will express "moldiness," and what you create for yourself and others in your life, will be your version of "moldy."

When you let go of all ideas of self, just simply breathe, and relax into your inner smile of Love, what you express and create will shine with the naturally harmonious glow of Love.

Love is powerful because it harmonizes everything it touches. When you find the glow of Love inside yourself, you become powerful because you are harmonious... and you spread harmony and joy with everything you express and create from this Love inside yourself.