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The True Nature of the Human Being

Our true essence is Love.

This is why we feel good when we feel love, and not good when we don't.

Because love is wellness for us... because it's who we are. Whereas "un-love" is like unwellness because it is a lower vibration than our true nature.

Love is like a beautiful, sweet fruit.
"Un-love" is like when fruit starts to get moldy.

We Have the Power

When we are feeling "moldy" (anything other than love), the power is in our hands to change that and restore ourselves to beautiful wellness of spirit in love.

Deep inside us... deeper than we were ever taught to look... there is a portal to Divine Love.

When we open that inner portal, Divine Love energy lights up in our being as a gentle, comforting, warm glow of... well... love.

The Inner Portal of Divine Love
The sun

The Gentle, Shining Sun Within

This power to feel love deep inside, is always available to us. No one can take it away.

But sometimes, it's hard to find because so many things in our life distract us and convince us to feel like moldy fruit.

But in truth, we are a gentle, shining sun of love... if we just have the focus to uncover our inner light.